Metworx is high-performance cloud computing made simple – no specialized knowledge of cloud computing is required. On-demand and with just a few clicks, Metworx will build and configure your grid infrastructure, ready to use from the convenience of a web browser. No additional software is required.



On-demand grid computing, as many environments and cores as you need

Powerful project analytics, customized for decision-makers

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pricing and info
Contact us for
pricing and info
Automatic scaling of cluster size
Custom web-app, backed by the computational power of EC2
Easy exploration and visualization
Interactive on-the-fly simulation and analysis
Visualization of results
On-demand grids for individual end users
A persistent environment for an individual or shared by multiple users
Flexible disk size
Custom configurations available
Easy data transfers
Qualified software installations
Secure user access
Automatic backups
Chef-managed architecture
Annual software updates


What is the difference between Metworx Performance and Metworx Envision?

Metworx Performance and Metworx Envision share the same feature set: highly managed architectures, qualified software installations, workflow tools, security controls, data encryption, and disaster recovery capabilities. But while they are both powered by high-performance cloud computing, they are intended for different uses.

Metworx Performance has significant flexibility and is suitable for all users performing modeling and simulation. Each user launches their own workflow (or workflows), on-demand, with a web browser and just a few clicks. In fact, users in your organization can simultaneously launch multiple on-demand workflows. Workflows are fully under the user’s control – they are brought up when needed and taken down when work is complete. Metworx Performance also allows the user to select the type of compute power (number of compute cores, memory, disk size) needed for a specific job.

Metworx Envision is a custom built web app, powered by a high-performance, cloud-based computational workflow, intended for non-technical audiences. Envision's powerful analytics capabilities allows decision makers to perform interactive, on-the-fly simulation, decision-path exploration, and visualization of results, given previously developed models, all in real time.

What software is included with Metworx?

Built on Ubuntu LTS Linux, Metworx is a robust and complete computational solution. Each Metworx instance is built with a prespecified software bundle that includes R, RStudio, gfortran, Intel FORTRAN*, OpenBUGS, Stan, JAGS, Python, Perl, NONMEM®*, Grid Engine (run queueing system), TexLive2013, and much more. For the commercial software (*), you will need to purchase your own copy of the appropriate end-user license. We will install your license into Metworx.

What is a workflow and how can it help my project?

Metworx combines a highly managed infrastructure with tools (computational software, R packages, etc.) designed to seamlessly work together in the context of a single workspace. We refer to this combination as a workflow. It’s the result of many years of development and practical experience. It will help you get work done.

Is Metworx suitable for use in a regulated industry?

Metworx has many attributes that will dovetail nicely with your organization’s quality assurance programs to establish suitability and fitness for use.

Our software qualification suite, a scripted sequence of testing, is executed programmatically on each Metworx module build. This qualification testing suite provides documented evidence that the key computational software is installed correctly and operating as expected.

The entire Metworx infrastructure is code based, version controlled, and highly managed. This makes it extraordinarily reproducible (cloneable, actually) and provides an audit trail of code base changes.

Your Metworx system has built-in disaster recovery for both infrastructure and data. A rebuild of your Metworx system only takes a few minutes and data restoration from your most recent snapshot is fast and easy.

What about security?

Your system runs within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud ecosystem. AWS maintains strict physical and logical security controls in all of its operations and is audited by a highly regarded third party. The audit is performed against the SSAE 16 standard and documented through regularly published SOC reports.

Your individual data transmissions are encrypted while in transit using industry standard security protocols (SSL).

Because Metworx runs entirely in your AWS account, you maintain complete oversight and control of your Metworx resources. Your AWS account allows you to create and manage company and individual level security credentials. The AWS credentials entered by you are stored in the Metworx database so that they can subsequently be used to access and initiate Metworx resources within your AWS account. To protect the security of these keys, they are automatically encrypted prior to being saved in the database. In addition, no records of the original unencrypted keys are kept and these values are explicitly excluded from any application log files that may be generated. The keys are dynamically unencrypted only as necessary to make calls to AWS services. Great care is taken to ensure the security of these keys, using the AWS best security practices as a guide.

I’ve never used the cloud or AWS. How much do I need to know? Can you help?

We provide full technical support for your Metworx environment, including initial configuration, user management, periodic software updates, and disaster recovery. We will provide training to your end-users with real-world workflows and computational examples. And we will be available to respond to your support requests.

Once you are up and running, your workflow interactions will look just like they would on any system. Of course, you will really appreciate the availability and flexibility offered through the Metworx solution.

Is Metworx suited only for biomedical applications?

Although initially designed to handle big computation projects in biomedical modeling and simulation, any high-performance computing project can leverage the capabilities of Metworx.