Strategic Modeling and Simulation

Metrum Research Group provides contract research focused on enhancing knowledge building in biomedical research and development through quantitative modeling and simulation.

MetrumRG provides expert modeling and simulation services to the biomedical sciences

  • Modeling and simulation as quantitative support for decision making
  • Contract data analysis and regulatory report preparation
  • General consulting: pharmacometrics, pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD), computer systems, software qualification, and biostatistics
  • Scientific support and technical guidance for scientists undertaking modeling projects
  • Training courses: on-site instruction of customized topics with hands-on examples

Areas of expertise include systems and software qualification, optimal study design for PK-PD, population PK and PK-PD analyses, physiologically-based PK & PD modeling, biomarker and clinical outcomes modeling, exposure-response analysis, clinical trial simulations, post-marketing data analysis, and adaptive trial design.