A Gentle Introduction to OptimalDesign for Pharmacometric Models

PK/PD studies should be designed in such a way that the model parameters will be estimated with adequate precision and bias. This can be assessed by simulation, but depending on the study and model(s) involved, it can be impractical to evaluate many combinations of design variables. Optimal design tools allow us to quickly evaluate designs and even search over a design space for the best possible design.

In this webinar (recorded on June 8, 2020), we will introduce basic concepts of optimal design, and then present examples of how to inform PK sampling time selection using the R packages PopED and mrgsolve.

This webinar is part of Metrum Research Group’s Cellar Office OPen-EDUcation in Pharmacometrics (“COOPED UP”) events, which feature a range of topics, discussed in vignette formats, to share with our community the same training and development in which our staff routinely engages.

R code from this course can be found at https://github.com/metrumresearchgroup/optimal-design


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