Open Resources

We are strong advocates of open science. We strive to build the community by providing open resources that include tools, courses, models, and example projects. The courses, presented by leaders at the company, lend valuable information on a variety of modeling and simulation topics. Our tools, developed and used by our scientists are free, open-source software that facilitate efficient, reproducible analyses. We provide open-source, executable model code for disease progression, quantitative systems pharmacology, and PBPK as base platforms to encourage and advance innovation.  We also introduce MeRGE (Metrum Research Group Ecosystem) through a user-friendly Expo that showcases a suite of tools in the context of a simplified population pharmacokinetic model.


Review our suite of open-source tools, developed by our scientists for our scientists and our community.


Explore six semesters worth of online courses as well as a number of webinars and virtual training sessions, all free and available to all. The content is tailored to an audience spanning beginners to advanced modeling and simulation scientists.


Explore MeRGE (Metrum Research Group Ecosystem) Expos for a practical introduction to M&S analysis, featuring step-by-step guidance, traceable research, sample code access, and our suite of open-source tools.


Join us in encouraging open-source modeling to engage community development, expansion, and peer-vetting. Our open-code models include a bone health quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP) model, a translated QSP model of MAPK signaling, and a physiologically-based pharmacokinetics (PBPK) model.