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Building Simulation-based Applications using R shiny and mrgsolve

June 10, 2019 - June 11, 2019

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This is a two day workshop held on 10 & 11 June, 9:00am – 4:30pm each day.

Location: Hotel C, Vasplam 4, 111 20, Stockholm, Sweden (near the PAGE 2019 meeting at the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre).

We will provide a guided hands-on experience in the use of the R package mrgsolve (https://mrgsolve.github.io). mrgsolve is a free, open source, validated R package to facilitate simulation from hierarchical, ODE-based PK/PD and systems pharmacology models frequently employed in pharmaceutical research and development programs. You will code, execute, and summarize PK, PK/PD simulations using mrgsolve and R.  On day two, we will introduce the shiny framework, building on the modeling techniques we’ve learned in day one to develop a number of dashboards and applications that allow the modeling results to be controlled and visualized through interactive user interfaces.  


$1200 for industry

$600 for academia/government

$300 for students.

Materials Provided by Metrum: Metworx user login (with 1-week access post-workshop), course slides, data and code for all examples.  

Requirements for Attendees: Knowledge and experience in PKPD modeling and simulation, nonlinear mixed effects modeling and the use of R (or S-PLUS).  

Participants should bring a laptop that meets the following requirements:

  • Browser: Chrome, Firefox, or Safari
  • Internet access via Wi-Fi

Upon completion of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Code ODE-based models in mrgsolve format 

  • Work with mrgsolve model objects and simulation output 

  • Create simulations of varying complexity, using event objects and simulation data sets 

  • Create population simulations that incorporate uncertainty in the parameters to address questions in drug development 

  • Build and develop shiny applications
  • Combine mrgsolve and shiny to develop interactive decision-support tools