Matthew Wiens, M.A.

Senior Scientist II

Matthew joined Metrum in 2019 as a Research Scientist. He holds an M.A. in Statistics from Boston University. Prior to Metrum, he worked for a variety of startup technology companies where he applied Bayesian methodologies in predictive models based on remote sensing data. His ongoing interests include communicating and leveraging uncertainty from a Bayesian perspective in scalable modeling and simulation projects.

Recent publications by this scientist

Quantitative Understanding of the Longitudinal Relationship between Short-term MRI Outcomes and Long-term Clinical Outcomes Measures in Multiple Sclerosis

February 7, 2022

Matthew Wiens, Amir-Hadi Maghzi, Naveen Mangal, Kumar Kandadi Muralidharan, Himanshu Naik, Jonathan French, Francois Gaudreault. Poster presented at 2021 American Conference on Pharmacometrics (ACoP12) virtual meeting. 8-13 November 2021. Poster PIIIB-009.

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