Theory, empiricism, and a vision for the continued growth of pharmacometrics

Gastonguay MR.  The International Society of Pharmacometrics Lewis B. Sheiner Award Lecture presented at the 8th American Conference on Pharmacometrics (ACoP), Fort Lauderdale, FL, October 15, 2017.

Vedolizumab efficacy exposure–response relationship for ulcerative colitis patients (GEMINI I) based on causal inference analysis

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Systematic review and meta-analysis of serious infections with tofacitinib and biologic disease-modifying antirheumatic drug treatment in rheumatoid arthritis clinical trials

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PK-PD analysis of PASI with data at boundary: BI 655066, an anti-IL-23A mAb for the treatment of psoriasis

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Population pharmacokinetics-pharmacodynamics of vedolizumab in patients with ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease

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Performance of Cpred/Cobs concentration ratios as a metric reflecting adherence to antidepressant drug therapy

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